Increase Your Service Efficiency With A field service management software

Field service management software and apps can make running your handyman business a lot easier. Since I started my handyman organization, I’ve operated practically entirely from my phone, just using my desktop for monthly accounting and marketing functions. 

When it concerns managing customers, pricing quote tasks, taking notes, tracking payments, taking charge card, or scheduling, it’s all done on this fantastic little gadget they call an iPhone. 

And, the best part is that all of this software is so affordable that anyone can utilize it. The main App I utilize to run my company just set me back $12.99. (now it’s just $5.99). 

Not just does this technology save me some major documentation headaches, it includes value to the client and makes my service more efficient. 

So, if you’re still walking around with a notepad, a schedule book, and a role of your customers, it’s time to update. Here are ways to do it for practically no charge. 

It’s much easier to utilize, more instinctive and has better apps readily available than the options. The app I utilize for all my consumer management is just readily available for the iPhone. Because it’s more successful to develop apps for the Apple platform, it stands to factor that more quality apps will be launched for the iPhone. 

This is the most important and valuable app of all for streamlining your operation. Uses: Track client info for the future recommendation and easy access.Send pre-formatted quotes to customers by means of email. 

Send out invoices to clients by means of e-mail. Track paid and unpaid tasks. Keep a list of billings and customer history. Schedule tasks for customers. Manage Appointments. 

There are two apps that I have actually used and suggested. ServiceCall and Breezeworks. Breezeworks is the much better choice in many cases, and here’s a little about each. 

Breezeworks has all the performance of ServiceCall plus some other incredible features. For instance, you can sync it with Quickbooks as well as take credit cards directly through the app. There are a number of other bells and whistles that can make running your business simpler also. Download it to check them out. There is a small regular monthly expense for this software application, but it is a better total software than ServiceCall and has more assistance and features. Not sure which to pick? I ‘d advise downloading them both and attempting them out– then see which one you prefer. 

ServiceCall is truly easy to utilize and incredibly expense reliable at just $5.99. This is presently exactly what I utilize and I have actually used if for the last 4 years. I enjoy this app. 

Get a Credit Card App. Credit cards apps are incredible due to the fact that they turn your phone into a credit card processing machine. There is a number of to select from and two of the most common are Square and Paypal. Personally, I’m a fan of Square due to the fact that they originated the industry and I’ve had a fantastic experience with them. All I need to do is plug in the reader to my headphone jack, take a payment, and within a day the cash is in my savings account. Square is easy to setup and the app is free. You simply need to pay a little processing charge (less than 3%) each time you take a charge card. 

Get Acquainted with Note Taking Apps. Much like everything else, there are numerous apps to pick from for taking notes. I use a combination of the native iPhone note app and Evernote. Evernote is incredible since it instantly syncs with your personal computer, tablet, or laptop so you can see your notes on any gadget. That suggests you can include a note on your phone while on the job, then pull it up on your computer later on that night while writing a price quote. This is probably one of the most important totally free apps out there. Utilizes: Take job notes throughout a quote. (you can even include photos in the notes). Keep a running list of materials needed from the shop. Keep a running list of clients to subsequent with. Develop checklists for common tasks. 

As far as apps for navigation, Google Maps is the finest one. You can simply use the native iPhone Maps app, but after showing up in an entirely incorrect part of town when or twice, you’ll probably take my recommendations and download Google Maps. Utilizes: Directed navigation to your customers’ homes.Finding local hardware stores.Finding regional dining establishments for lunch. 

Setup Your Email. I’m unsure if having the ability to check your email from your phone is a true blessing or a curse. But, lots of customers wish to communicate by means of e-mail instead of over the phone so you’ll wish to be able to examine it from your phone. If you’re using an iPhone (and most likely any mobile phone), you can set it approximately sync with several e-mail addresses. If you have different individual and organization e-mail accounts you can have them both download to your phone. As you can see, running your service on your phone is simple and cost effective. Certainly, if you have workers things get a little more complex, but for the one-man show like me, it’s a breeze.